Fort Myers • Cape Coral • Naples/Marco

Artwork Specifications:

Panther Printing provides the area's highest-resolution printing...

with the area's only "digital" direct-to-press "color-lock" technology.

This assures you the best possible color accuracy and consistency.

All artwork files ripped through our digital PrePress Department are

sent via optical cable to our pressroom and your files automatically

adjust the color-settings on our presses to render the truesst and

most accurate printing of your files as possible.

The only limitations to our quality printing... is your "quality artwork".

To provide you with the highest quality and most spectacular printing, Panther Printing asks that you provide us with the following:

FOR PDF FILES (Preferred):

- Create by using "Export as PDF" (within In-Design) or "Save as PDF" feature (within other programs)

- Adjust your PDF settings (from the pull-down menu) to "High Quality Print"

- Please do not use default "Smallest File" setting within PDF Acrobat

- Make certain that all colors are set to CMYK (rather than RGB)

- Please embed all images and fonts

- Bleeds should be set at 1/8" (0.125") on all sides

- Images should be 300 DPI... rather than low-res 72 DPI website resolution

- All black text should be at 100% K (black), not a mix of CMYK

- Keep a "safety margin" of at least 1/8" in from the trim size of the page

- Make certain any "white text" is not set to overprint

- Any "multiple page" documents should be set as "single pages" with the PDF file,

   and please include blank pages (if needed for proper pagination).

FOR "NATIVE" FILES (In-Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, MS Word, Publisher, etc.)

- Create by using "Package for Commercial Printer" feature within your program

- Please use all of the above, but also include all linked images and fonts


                             Panther Printing will send you an Order Confirmation and a Ripped Proof prior to printing.